Autism Spectrum Disorder:  Nutrition...a piece of the puzzle

Nutrition Therapy

Elizabeth provides nutrition therapy to children diagnosed with Autism, PDD, Asperger's, ADD, and ADHD. Due to the degree of comprehensive nutritional care Elizabeth provides to an individual patient, she is able to accept only a limited number of private patients.

Parents are valued as equal partners and ultimately responsible for the case management of their child's treatment. Elizabeth works with the parents in a respectful cooperative manner to co-develop a nutrition plan that is not only safe and effective for the child, but also manageable for the family.

Initial Nutrition Consultation

Consist of a face-to-face or telephone two hour session to complete an in-depth assessment. The assessment includes a detailed clinical, dietary and feeding history; assess nutritional status; review current laboratory test; review current vitamin/mineral supplements, herbs and nutaceuticals; identify nutrition problems; prescribe a customized vitamin/mineral supplement regimen; recommend additional laboratory test if needed; recommend diet modifications; provide nutrition education and counseling; and develop an individualized Nutrition Care Plan for your child.

Follow-up Consultation

The follow-up appointment is scheduled one month later to monitor your child's progress, answer parents' questions, and provide support and guidance. If additional laboratory test were ordered, results will be reviewed at this time. The customized vitamin/mineral supplement regimen and Nutrition Care Plan will be reviewed and revised if needed.

Additional follow-up appointments are recommended every 3 - 6 months, then on an annual basis to fine tune your child's Nutrition Care Plan to adjust for growth, dietary changes, and to optimize the benefits of nutrition therapy. Parents are strongly encouraged to contact Elizabeth at any time they have questions or concerns regarding their child's nutritional care.

Elizabeth addresses specific questions parents have regarding gastrointestinal problems, feeding problems, gluten free/casein free diet, therapeutic Vitamin B6 and B12, vitamin/mineral supplements, and other nutraceuticals.

Out-of-State Clients

Elizabeth accepts clients throughout the United States and provides nutrition therapy services via telephone consultation.

Information Packet

If you are interested in nutrition therapy services for your child, please email Elizabeth to request a New Patient Information Packet, which will provide more detailed information regarding services and fees.

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